Read about symptoms of anxiety and depression and children and teens and how to get help from a therapist.



There are many reasons why it is so difficult to be in a relationship with the ones you love. When talking about romantic relationships, there are many differences that people often forget to consider. Here are some examples: Family – People come from different families with different backgrounds. Each family has their own “beliefs” that... Continue Reading →

8 Tips to Start the New Year

Have your goals set. Start with your small goals for this week, and move on to goals for next month, next six months, next year, etc. Be as specific as you can. Connect with friends. Sometimes life gets busy and we forget to maintain friendships. It’s time to rekindle some of them. Connect with family.... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Kick Back from Snowmagedon

  Spending 5 days locked inside with your family (or alone!) can be very stressing for some people. Trying to get out and resume your normal activities seems more challenging when you have to deal with the disorganized traffic, piles of snow that impede seeing around the corners, or caring for pedestrians, bicycles, and runners.... Continue Reading →

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