5 Ways to Kick Back from Snowmagedon


Spending 5 days locked inside with your family (or alone!) can be very stressing for some people. Trying to get out and resume your normal activities seems more challenging when you have to deal with the disorganized traffic, piles of snow that impede seeing around the corners, or caring for pedestrians, bicycles, and runners.

However, after staying inside and having time to catch up on paperwork, paying bills, organizing drawers, doing laundry, it is a good time to re-think (or build up) your New Year’s resolutions.

Here are 5 options to kick back from snowmagedon:

  1. Exercise – Adventuring out to walk around the piles of snow might not be an easy task, but it is very refreshing to see how your surroundings changed with the whole pallet.
  2. Refresh your pantry/refrigerator – It is time to bravely get yourself into the grocery store, but not to the snack/soup isle. By now, the grocery stores have replenished their fresh produce, meat, and bread sections. Try to buy more vegetables and fruits to balance the snack diet you engaged in.
  3. Reconnect with friends and family – It is time to call/text your friends and family and set up a coffee or lunch date, to reconnect and share your snowmagedon adventures.
  4. Help your neighbors – You may have noticed by now that some people have not even tried to get out of the house, by noticing their cars parked with the snow piled behind them. It’s a good time to introduce yourself and check if your neighbor needs a hand removing the snow, so they can resume their normal activities.
  5. Be ready for the next storm – Make notes of what worked and what was lacking during this storm: Did you have enough supplies? Did you miss anything that you should have had? What would make you more comfortable the next time you have to spend multiple days at home?


These simple options can help you resume and improve upon your normal habits. Be active and prepared for what may come until this winter ends.

Be well.

Dr. Rosana Marzullo-Dove, Psy.D.







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